Brain Bee Omni 800 Modular

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The new Brain Bee Omni 800 Modular comes the well proven AGS200 petrol emissions analyser, the reliable OPA100 diesel module, and connects to your existing PC based brake tester.

Brain Bee AGS200 Gas Analyser

  • DVSA approved for MOT testing
  • OIML Class O approved
  • Accurately measures CO, CO2, HC, O2, Lambda
  • Protective internal filters for gas/water
  • Automatic flow control & zeroing system
  • Rapid heating times for quick testing
  • Wireless comms of RPM & temp from MGT-300EVO

OPA100 Diesel Smoke Meter

  • DVSA approved for MOT testing
  • Type approved to latest specifications
  • Accurately measures opacity of smoke
  • Automatic glass cleaning system
  • Wireless comms of RPM & temp from MGT-300EVO
  • Fast pass system for rapid testing

MTG300 EVO RPM Device

  • Bluetooth or RF communication options
  • Identifies and isolates background noise
  • Oil temperature via dipstick probe
  • RPM via engine acceleration sensor
  • RPM via battery

The Omni 800 Lite uses cable-free technology throughout its design, enabling it to be moved freely around the workshop. This cutting edge design means the gas and smoke heads and the engine RPM and temperature module, together with the Windows tablet, are all communicated cable-free, leaving the workshops clear of cables and trip hazards.