Digital ADAS Calibration Kit

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The fastest and most accurate ADAS calibration equipment.

New Brain Bee ADAS Calibration Kit

More and more vehicles are fitted with Advanced Driver Assistance System's, both for convenience and safety.

The components of an ADAS system may need recalibration if any of the following have occured:

  • Windscreen replacement
  • Collisions or bumps
  • Panel replacement (bumpers, etc)
  • Tyre profile/size changes
  • Suspension changes or repairs
  • ADAS warning lights appearing on dash

It is estimed that in 2020 50% of all newly registered cars will have some form of driver assistance system fitted, with countries in Europe surpassing wordwide averages for ADAS system installs.


The Brain Bee ADAS calibration kit is fully digital, utilising a large screen television instead of traditional calibration "slides". This system requires no floor mats.

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