Brain Bee Clima 9000BUS+ Air Con Machine

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Extreme power and high technology to handle recharge of big-sized A/C systems (Busses, Agricultural Tractors).
And much more.
9000 BUS PLUS has been designed to deliver a complete automatic recharge procedure. Every function regarding maintenance, cleaning, gas recovery and system recharge is performed by the station’s powerful control software and requires no operator input while the procedure is carried out. This leaves the operator free to optimize his time by attending to other chargeable repairs and increasing the workshop efficiency and decrease costs.
The heart of 9000 BUS PLUS is its LCD user-interface display. Simple and intuitive, the touch screen displays all the operating functions which can be activated in a quick and precise manner.
Furthermore, the clarity of the display ensures good visibility in almost all lighting conditions.
All serviceable parts and components in the 9000 BUS PLUS are easily accessible and located in a position that allows for fast replacement.
Recharge hoses too have been equipped with external quick couplers so that you don’t have to open the station in case of replacement.


LONG LIFE PUMP (patent) is the special function allowing an extension of up to 1.000 hours of the average life of the pump oil used in the station.
It can be activated when the station is not used, and allows for the automatic execution of a cycle of oil regeneration. Oil is hence purified and has a longer life cycle, thus reducing operating costs.


9000 BUS PLUS is equipped with ECO LOCK ® quick couplers, BRAIN BEE PATENT, allowing for the reduction of gas quantities, safeguarding of operators’ safety and providing a strong contribution for the protection of the environment.
Its operation allows preventing the typical ‘puff’ effect, that is to say dispersion of refrigerant in the environment that usually occurs during the detachment of recharge hoses from the vehicle circuit.

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