Rav G6441 Series Tyre Changer

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Automatic Tilt Back Arm

Rav G6441 Series Automatic Tilt Back Tyre Changer


Heavy duty structure to guarantee proper working conditions at all times.
Bead breaker: galvanised cylinder with simple operation.
Rigid self-centring chuck and wide clamping range.

Tool with integrated protection for alloy rims
Tool locking with automatic setting of appropriate distance from the rim.
The pedal assembly can be removed as an integral unit allowing easy servicing.
Jointed and shaped blade to facilitate bead breaking without damaging the rim or tyre.


G6441.18 12" - 20.5" 10" - 18"
G6441.22 13" - 24.5" 10" - 22"
G6441.24 12" - 26.5" 10" - 24"